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Established in 2015 with the aim to educate as many people as possible about the complexities of starting and running businesses in South East Asia, Rick Creamer Consulting aims to provide you with the tools needed to make your business journey as smooth and successful as possible. 

We work with lawyers, accountants, tax agents, government officials and business groups who provide us with up-to-date information about the laws and government regulations within the different countries that we work with. 

We want you to know everything first so you can make the right decision before you decide to invest. 


Our core business values are:

- Honesty

- Integrity

- Openness

- Courage

- Education

Our vision is to educate as many foreign investors as possible on the intricate ways of business in this region.

Our mission is to use our wide network to develop easy to understand  educational tools and business resources that allow foreign investors to make the right decision to protect themselves and their interests. 


Our focus area is:

- Indonesia

- Philippines

- Vietnam

- Malaysia

- Cambodia

Whatever you need, we can help you. All you need to do is ask.

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