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Indonesia is an amazing environment however unless you know the ways of doing business as a foreigner it can become difficult and quickly turn into a nightmare. Indonesia is our speciality. Let us use our experience and knowledge to help you to achieve your goals. 


Every now and then we need someone to help us through the many challenges that business throws at us. Sometimes all we need is someone to bounce ideas off who can give us an outside perspective on a problem or sometimes we need someone who can understand the complexities of Indonesia and explain them in an easy way.  

This is where our coaching sessions come in. Allow us to coach you through the problem, and provide you with an alternative solution. We have learn't that all problems have a solution even when we cannot see it our self. 

Allow us to give you the tools you need to overcome any challenge that you my face. 

See a list of our packages below.

Informative Interview

Single Session

AUD $75.00

Designed to allow you to ask as many questions as you need during your session. This session is 60 mins in duration and any unanswered questions will be answered via email after the session has finished. 




Multi Session

AUD $65.00 per session

Packages of 3, 5, 7 & 10 sessions which allow me to develop a deeper understanding of your needs and your business. These sessions will guide you and help you to achieve your business goals. Each session will be recorded for you to listen back. 



Minimal Office


Ask me now!

Our ongoing business coaching is for those people that are wanting some support in their business journey. This package is perfect for people that have never had a business before or are needing a business partner without the stress of a business partner. For more details please arrange an initial interview call below. 



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