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10 New Bali's - Tanjung Kelayang

If the government initiative to recreate 10 New Bali is deemed necessary for you, you are definitely in the right place at the right time. While further opportunities in Lombok Mandalika or Lake Toba can be simply discerned as the provided link, I would provide another favourable destination in Bangka Belitung Island (located in the Java Sea, between Sumatra and Borneo). Mesmerising rock formations litter this unique beach location that coupled with its crystalline waters, undeveloped coastline and landmark white lighthouse, make it a charming location for further investments.

Source: IDN Times

Tanjung Kelayang

Tanjung Kelayang offers the option for those who want to enjoy the white sandy beach and tranquil calm sea. In fact, it is often called the Sailing Island of Indonesia as many yachts dock on this beach as a part of their tour. This beach is located 27 km north of Tanjungpandan City. This place is also a port used by tourists to do island hopping tours that are most in-demand by tourists coming to Belitung. Tanjung Kelayang has been known by the local community as a place of recreation since long ago. The beach is also famous for having enormous granite stones, located approximately 800 meters from the end of the beach, from millions of years ago. The shape of the stone resembles the head of a bird, that is what makes the name of this place as Tanjung Kelayang, where Kelayang is the name of one type of bird. Residents around named the stone shaped like a bird’s head with a more special name, namely Batu Garuda. The east coast is the entrance to Tanjung Kelayang, where there is only white sand, no granite on the beach. From there, visitors usually walk along the coast approximately 300 metres to the north, where granite rocks can be found, scattered along the tip of the peninsula and also on the surface of the sea. Meanwhile, the Westside beach has a different view. The length of the beach is not along the East side because on the Westside there are more granite stones. The view of the unit from the west coast is three small islands, about 700 metres from the shoreline. Combined with large granite rocks scattered on the surface of the sea, the scenery on the Westside is more attractive, especially at sunset, where you could enjoy it from the top of the granite rocks at the end of the peninsula.

Bangka-Belitung Province

Beyond the beach itself, Bangka Belitung island has another intriguing place, offering tourists historical value and scenic lookout. According to the locals, Selat Nasik was the battlefield between the Dutch’s army and the natives. Selat Nasik was previously known as a soldier. He died during a fight against the enemies and his name is engraved on Mendanau Monument of Struggle. Once you visit the monument, your next destination should be the lighthouse. When it comes to a lighthouse, local people would refer to Lengkuas Island. Built-in 1882 by The Dutch Colony government, this old lighthouse is still a guiding light to both ships and beauty seekers alike. Lengkuas is an island off the shore of Tanjung Kelayang beach and located north of Tanjung Binga village. The lighthouse has 12 floors with a window in every floor giving those climbing a chance to rest and enjoy varied and beautiful scenes from within the lighthouse. Large granite stones look like pebbles from the top of the lighthouse, and the wind and smell of the sea make the experience all-encompassing. It takes about 30 minutes by boat from Tanjung Kelayang Beach or from Tanjung Binga, Sijuk. During the trip this island, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and other islands close to the Lengkuas Island, such as Burung Island, Babi Island, Pengadaran Island, Lutung Island, Kera Island dan Jenang Island.

Source: Indonesia-Tourism

If you've read one of the Indonesian writer, Andrea Hirata’s famous book-turned-movie, Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops), you must visit Museum Kata Andrea Hirata (The Andrea Hirata Words Museum). It is Indonesia’s first and only literature museum that was built as an educational space with the profits he received from the novel. The museum is situated in Gantung, which isn’t too far from Manggar town. If you haven’t heard, coffee houses are big in Belitung, especially in Manggar. It is the place where locals converge for spirited discussion. It reflects its tin mining past when workers would gather to fuel up for the day. Among the many coffee shops in Manggar, Warung Kopi Kong Djie remains a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

Source: Now Boarding

As you wander the streets of Belitung and peer into the local restaurants, you’ll notice the popular Bedulang family-style of eating. It’s a communal experience where small plates of food are served on the table or floor making it easy for diners to share. Rumah Makan Belitong Timpo Duluk is one of the most favourite, where you’ll be squeezing for space to feast on authentic Bedulang fare. Its specialty is the Gangan fish head soup served in a coconut husk.

Source: Now Boarding

Belitung cuisine is similar to Sumatran food, heavily spiced and often laden with coconut milk. But you can definitely find lighter fare, like Mie Belitung (noodles with a broth), which you can wash down with a refreshing Jeruk Kunci (calamansi and salted plum drink). Ketam Isi (crab cakes cooked in a shell), its local snack, is worth trying as well. Another treat would be to buy fresh seafood directly from local fishermen when they dock at the beach. What’s better than enjoying a fresh crab-boil on the sand? The catch: you need to know Bahasa. There are local guides who could take you on small-group tours, so make sure you ask your hotel concierge for some recommendations.

Future Opportunities

Aiming to attract investors, the government has prioritised Tanjung Kelayang to be one of the five super-priority destinations that would provide a significant contribution to original regional revenue to Bangka Belitung Islands Province. It was estimated that future development would make the province’s revenue rocketed around 300 per cent, transforming it from tin mining to tourism. In 2025, the government will target Rp 20 Trillion (US$ 1.4 Billion) investment when it is fully operated.

With a strategic location between Jakarta and Singapore, the government would expect the area to be a world-class tourism destination. International hotel networks such as Starwood Asia Pacific dan Accor Asia Pacific have invested in Tanjung Kelayang. As a captive market target, the government believes that it would provide maximum and sustainable benefit, also increase foreign exchange from the tourism sector.

In addition, the government is now assessing two more areas in Bangka Belitung Province, Sungailiat in Bangka district and Tanjung Gunung in Central Bangka district. These spots are home to stunning natural landscapes, including outstanding marine wealth and expected to be assigned as Special Economic Zone. While Sungailiat has been designated to highlight sport, specifically a golfing hub, Tanjung Gunung has been earmarked for hotels, glamping facilities, the meetings, and as a zone for incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) industry. The government would expect that these areas would be a promising destination to attract cruise ships.

If you’re looking for that next beach getaway, and maybe some time away from emails and furious WhatsApp group texts, then it’s time to book your flights to Belitung!

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