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Did you know Indonesia has over 500 languages spread over its 17,000 islands? Do not worry - we are here to help. The national language is Bahasa Indonesia and we can offer translation from this language into English and back again. 


FYI - All legal documents must be in Bahasa Indonesia to be deemed legal, this includes contracts, official business documents, visa's and many more. The language barrier can become a stressful element to conducting business in Indonesia.


Allow us to take the stress away for you. We offer translation of business documents as well as offering you a personal translator for your business meetings. We offer the following packages below. 

If what you need is not listed below please speak to us and we can tailor a package top suit your needs. 

Documents and Blurred Business Men

Document Translation

AUD $75.00

This service will translate your documents for you.

English into Bahasa Indonesia.

Bahasa Indonesia into English.

Please contact us for a quote. 



Successful Manager

Personal Translator

AUD $350 per day

This service will pair you with a professional translator that you can use in meetings or to conduct business for up to 8 hours per day. 

Your translator will be a native Indonesian speaker that has graduated from a university English course.



Minimal Office

Yearly packages

AUD $5,500 per year

If you are wanting a service that provides translation over the course of 12 months or more than this package is for you. 

Providing you with your own personal translator for any business meetings and translations of any documents throughout the year*.



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